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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Skylanders Swap Force: State of Swap

Hello Portal Masters,

Before e3 I wanted to sum up where we currently stand with Swap Force figures and stuff.

First, the prices for Swap Force:
New Prices:
Core & S3: $10.00
Lightcore: $12.00
Swap Force: $15.00

Now let's talk about the characters so far.

S3: Nothing is known yet. (2 missing)
Light Core: Nothing is known yet. (1 missing)
New Core: Nothing is known yet. (2 missing)
Swap Force: Eagle Guy (1 missing)

(6 missing)

S3: Terrafin (1 missing)
Light Core: Nothing is known yet. (1 missing)
New Core: Nothing is known yet. (2 missing)
Swap Force: Nothing is known yet. (2 missing)

(6 missing)

S3: Eruptor and Hot Dog
Light Core: Nothing is known yet. (1 missing)
New Core: Nothing is known yet. (2 missing)
Swap Fore: Blast Zone (1 missing)

(4 missing)

S3: Stealth Elf, (1 missing)
Light Core: Nothing is known yet. (1 missing)
New Core: Nothing is known yet., (2 missing)
Swap Force: Stink Bomb, Bee Guy (might be core)

(4 missing)

s3: Nothing is known yet. (2 missing)
Light Core: Nothing is known yet.(1 missing)
New Core: Nothing is known yet. (2 missing)
Swap Force: new hooded mage (might be core) (1 missing)

(6 missing)

s3. Trigger Happy, Sprocket
Light Core: Nothing is known yet. (1 missing)
New Core: Coutdown, (1 missing)
Tech: Magna Charge (1 missing)

(3 missing)

s3: Chop Chop (1 missing)
Light Core: Nothing is known yet. (1 missing)
New Core: Roller Brawl (1 misisng)
Swap Force: New Snake Guy, Night Shift

(3 mssing)

S3: Nothing is known yet. (2 missing)
Light Core: Nothing is known yet. (1 missing)
New Core: Nothing is known yet. (2 missing9
Swap Force: Freeze Blaze, Wash Buckler

(5 missing)

Now let's see how many holes E3 might fill!

Enjoy your day!


Skylanders Swap Force: New Characters

Hello Portal Masters,

Today I have a lot of news aabout Sswap Force.

There have been several new pictures of Skylanders and with E3 arroud the corner, we can look forward to a ot of exciting things to come.

This shows us the starter pack for the consoles ps3, wii and xbox360.
So we will have  Blast Zone, Wash Buckler and Stealth Elf in the pack.
Interesting: The card says Ninja Stealth Elf, so maybe the S3 Characters get a new name part?

Up next the handheld 3DS Version of the Intro Pack:
We see a new Undead Swap Force Snake, a new Swap Force Eagel and S3 Volcanic Eruptor.
Since the coloring is quite of for Eruptor and we always got a variant in the hand console versions, I think Eruptor S3 will actually look a little different.

And this is not all news for today.
We have another new Swap Force:

He seems to like Honey and Bees a lot and is a new Life Skylanders based on his look.
Is he Swap Fore or Regular? We don' know yet, but time (hopefully E3) will tell.

Also in this pic: S3 Trigger Happy. And apart from him there are more serues 3 "confirmations" or guesses:

The book is a new art for Hot Dog. Since the burning bone in his mouth is a new thing and light core never got a new power so far I assume it is his S3 art with Wow Pow..

The lower picture shows the intro pack (again. BTW: LC Hex as a Pre Order Bonus) and the logo shows S3 Eruptor (different coloring) and S3 Terrafin.

Now that is some news!
What do you think? Excited? Or havc you all changed to infinity?

Let me know!


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Skylanders Swap Force: New Magic Skylander

Hello Portal Masters,

Finally some new worth posting.

There has been a picture of a new Magic Skylander, which I think look absolutely amazing

Also, there has been a video confirming series 3 Sprocket, Trigger Happy and Chop Chop
The video is LONG, but the news is at 21 minutes!

Hope ypu enjoyed the little update!

Speak to u soon!


Monday, 11 February 2013

Skylanders Swap Force: Upgrade


A little video to enjoy. It includes some information about the upgrade paths, but they are really shy about details so far.

CU soon!


Skylanders Swap Force: Toys

Hello Portal Masters,

Some prototype pictures of the toys for you to enjoy.

Life: Stink Bomb / Stealth

Undead: Night Shift / Teleport

Waters: Freeze Blade / Speed


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Skylanders Swap Force: "Exclusive" information?

Hello Portal Masters,

in a german video

there have been some information from a German Event, that were not in any other video.

According to the video, while using the left movement cross thing, you can change the facial expression of your skylanders. Also, they mention some of the movement

climp, stealth, rocket, speed, teleport, 

And on oneof swords I found digging as a movement. 

So we know 6 of 8 movements already.

And they said that two players can fly side by side in the swap zone. I wonder if you need both flying characters for that but probably not :)

Will keep you updated!


Skylanders Giants: Wave 2

Dear Portal Masters,

Today I will review wave 2 of the giants, since I got asked about that a lot.

So let me first say who was in the wave:

Giant: Hot Head

New Skylanders: Sprocket, Flashwing

Series 2: Bash, Drill Sergeant, Flame Slinger, Hex, Stump Smash, Sonic Boom, Gill Grunt, Double Trouble

Light Core: Jet-Vac

This time I did not get all the figures, just the new ones in the tripple packs
(Sprocket, Sonic Boom, Stump Smash) and (Flashwing, Gill Grunt, Double Trouble)
as well as Hex and Hot Head

I will share my opinion about the new ones:

She is a lot of fun and very different from all the other Skylanders. I think she is a little trickier than some others, so maybe smaller kids will have troube getting the best of her.
But I think she is great.

Suprised me as being pretty powerful. She is quick and can do a lot of things. I think her gameplay is not the most fun, since it is not as versatile as I like my Skylanders, but I still like her and she is better than I expected.

Hot Head:
A real power house. One of my favourite Giants so far playwise (I still don't like the figure that much, but ok). I do think that his motorcycle ability is absolutely useless, but ok. The other abilities are really strong.

I woud definetely recommend Hot Head! He is strong and a cool Fire Skylander. Probably my favourite of the Giants playwise (from series one and two). Sprocket and Flashwing are both very nice. I would consider Flashwing for younger players and Sprocket for players who want a more strategicly chalenging character.

Hope this helps some (although you all might already have all the characters ;))

Talk to you soon!