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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Skylanders Giants: Wave 2

Dear Portal Masters,

Today I will review wave 2 of the giants, since I got asked about that a lot.

So let me first say who was in the wave:

Giant: Hot Head

New Skylanders: Sprocket, Flashwing

Series 2: Bash, Drill Sergeant, Flame Slinger, Hex, Stump Smash, Sonic Boom, Gill Grunt, Double Trouble

Light Core: Jet-Vac

This time I did not get all the figures, just the new ones in the tripple packs
(Sprocket, Sonic Boom, Stump Smash) and (Flashwing, Gill Grunt, Double Trouble)
as well as Hex and Hot Head

I will share my opinion about the new ones:

She is a lot of fun and very different from all the other Skylanders. I think she is a little trickier than some others, so maybe smaller kids will have troube getting the best of her.
But I think she is great.

Suprised me as being pretty powerful. She is quick and can do a lot of things. I think her gameplay is not the most fun, since it is not as versatile as I like my Skylanders, but I still like her and she is better than I expected.

Hot Head:
A real power house. One of my favourite Giants so far playwise (I still don't like the figure that much, but ok). I do think that his motorcycle ability is absolutely useless, but ok. The other abilities are really strong.

I woud definetely recommend Hot Head! He is strong and a cool Fire Skylander. Probably my favourite of the Giants playwise (from series one and two). Sprocket and Flashwing are both very nice. I would consider Flashwing for younger players and Sprocket for players who want a more strategicly chalenging character.

Hope this helps some (although you all might already have all the characters ;))

Talk to you soon!


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