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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


"I've Got My Eye On You!"
Throughout history, there have been many epic battles, though none more bizarre than the legendary brawl between the headless giant and the infamous flying eyeball. It all started with a staring contest, but with the headless giant having no eyes and the flying eyeball unable to blink, it soon escalated into an all out war as the two rivals fought fiercely thorughtout the land of the Undead for over a hundred years! With neither opponent down, the two combatants were eventually struck with the realization that if they were to combine theire formidable powers, they would be a force to be reckoned with. By teaming up, the infamous flying eyeball and the headless giant became known as Eye-Brawl, one of the most powerful Skylanders ever known.

Core Abilities
Soul Gem

Eye Fly
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!


Press (1) to throw some heavy punches. Press (1), (1) and then hold (1) for a special combo.
Press (2) to detach the eyeball and fly arround. While flying press (1) to shoot eye lasers.
hold (1) to charge up Eye-Brawl's eye, release to pop it off the body, smashing directly ahead.

Initial Upgrades

An Eye in Team
The Pummeler
Awesome Occu-Blast
Headless not helpless


Press (3) to summon more eyeballs from the earth to attack enemies.
Punch attacks do increased damage.
Eye laser has a faster rate of fire.
While flying the eyeball, his headless body will punch continouesly.

Eye Brawler

Further develop Eye-Brawl's melee combat skills.
Eye-Brawl Combos
Ultimate Pummeler
Beats an Eye Patch


Press (1), (1) and then hold (2) for Eye Ball Spin.

Press (1), (1) and then hold (3) for 360 spin.
Melee attacks do additional damage
New armor provides addtitional protection.

Eye for an Eye

Further develop flying eyeballs abilities.
Assertng Independence
Bouncy Bouncy


Eyeball can now fly faster and for a longer duration.
When enemies are hit with eye lasers, eyes arise from arround the point of impact.
While flying the eyeball, press (3) to bounce the eye to the ground.

PS3: (1) = X, (2) = square, 3 = (O)
X-Box: (1) = A, (2) = X, (3) = B
Wii: (1) = A, (2) = B, (3) = Z


  1. eye brawls powers: A: (on wii) punch B (on wii) eye laser Z: (on wii) ???

    1. z on wii is summon baby eye balss

  2. when is the eye brawl coming out in the uk

  3. Can you do Thumpback

  4. when is eyebrawl coming out

  5. is eye brawl the best skylander i know he is the coolest

  6. what upgrades is there for eye-brawl

  7. I've got my eye on you

  8. the much awaited giant has come
    and I got to say
    one paths great the other ones terrible
    he has 2 paths
    fist and eye
    any one who knows that is like I'm totally taking eye cause its awesome
    well that may be true
    choosing this path may make you be like
    this guy sucks B*LLS
    ill explain why
    while his eye flies around his body follows it blindly swinger wildly as it goes
    this would be awesome if the body did as much damage as it dose punching, but no it dose a meekly 12 damage
    fyi the body's what takes damage not the head so while its running about its taking great amounts of damage and dealing very little
    my point being is why would you increase the time you are in your weakest state...
    so if you do by him go punching path
    it may not look that cool
    but trust me its pretty incredible
    he only dose 25 a swing but he can move around while doing so
    but he can move while he punches making him a more mobile fighter that thump back
    if you do decide to buy him (which many people will go down the punch path if you want the best out of your eye brawl

    1. plus the combos are fun and pretty powerful
      (same guy who wrote the thing about the upgrade paths