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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


"Blinded by the Light!"
Flashwing's true origins are a mystery. But her first appearance came when Bash made a wish that he could fly and looked up to see a shooting star streak across the sky and in a valley below. In the centre of the glowing impact crater was a large, brilliant geode - which suddenly cracked open to reveal Flashwing. Bash may not have soared that day, but his heart sure did, because Flashwing was beautiful... and lethal. As soon as Bash stepped closer, the gem dragon turned towards him. Not knowing if he was friend or foe, she blasted him off of the cliff with a full force laser pulse from her tail! Perhaps Bash flew that day after all.


Core Abilities
Soul Gem

Crystal Shards
Shimmering Spin
Crystal Lighthouse


Press (1) to fire Crystal Shards.
Hold (2) to spin around and damage anything in Flashwing's path.
Hold (3) to create a Crystal Lighthouse that fires laser light beams.

Initial Upgrades

Surrounded By Shards
Luminous Lasers
Light Speed Shards
Armored Aura


Press (3) to fire Crystal Shards in all dircetions but forward.
Hold (1) to charge up a powerful laser shot.
Shoot Crystal Shards much faster and deal extra damage.
Condensed light increases your armor.

Super Shards

Further develop Flashwing's Crystal Shard attacks.
Shooting Shards
Crystal Craziness
Healing Crystals


Crystal Shards stick in walls an shoot their own crystals when (1) is pressed again.
Up to three crystals stick in walls and shoot their own crystals when (1) is pressed again.
Crystals embeddded in a wall heal Flashwing when she is close.

Super Spinner

Further develop Flashwing's Shimmering Spin ability.
Extra Radiant Rotation
Reflection Deflection
Lights, Crystal, Action!


Shimmering Spin lasts longer and does increased damage.
Gain extra armor and deflect enemies' shots back at them while spinning.
While spinning, press (1) to shoot beams of laser light.

PS3: (1) = X, (2) = square, 3 = (O)
X-Box: (1) = A, (2) = X, (3) = B
Wii: (1) = A, (2) = B, (3) = Z



  1. Hey could you try to get some gameplay videos about him just when he is just level 1 Ok by. ;D

  2. how come the earth sign on her chest is colored white in her art
    but on the toy its blue

  3. Flashwing has incredible power