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Friday, 10 August 2012

Skylanders Giants: Call my name

Hello Portal Masters,

According to we now have the names for all the new Skylanders.
So here they are:

New regular fire Skylander: Hot Dog

For the Giants they released three new names:
Thumpback, Ninjini, Eye Brawl

They don't say who is who, but since magic did look sort of Genie like, I assume:

Magic: Ninjini
Undead: Eye Brawl

Water: Thumpback

I don't know if the names are true. Hot Dog was the name I wanted, but after Hot Head I doubt they name a second character Hot.
But we will see.

Do you like the names?

Let me know in the comments!



  1. the magic ones most likely a ninja genie
    and the undead ones most likely a stone cyclopes
    what do u think of these
    plz resond

    1. Yes, I do think that the magic one sounds like a ninja genie. I hope it is a female one, since all the others sound so manly.
      And a cyclops does make sense. Allthough I was hoping more for a gargoyle or something ;)

    2. i do hope the magic giants a girl aswell
      and im thinking the undead giant is like a one eyed gargoyle
      at least that what the picture

  2. Hey Portal Master Website :)
    You've done a great job on this website, i go on it EVERYDAY, you really help solve some questions of mine, thanks :) I LOVE the Magic Giants name, but the undead giant LOOOKS REALLY BIG in the picture ?? :)
    OH and 1 quick question, do you know when SKYLANDERS GIANTS comes to SOUTH AFRICA :)??? Plz relpy

    1. i think that the game comes out on October 21 everywhere, but i'm not sure

    2. Thanks anonymous :)

    3. I haven't heared any official release date yet, but they said fall, so October sounds about right.
      Thank you for the positive feedback!

    4. all over the amazone preorders it says october 21st