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Monday, 24 September 2012

Skylanders Giants: Level

Hello Portal Masters,

The levels are in:

Chapter 1: Time of the Giants
Chapter 2: Junkyard Isles
Chapter 3: Rumbletown
Chapter 4: Cutthroat Carnival
Chapter 5: Glacier Gully
Chapter 6: Secret Vault of Secrets
Chapter 7: Wilikin Village
Chapter 8: Troll Home Security
Chapter 9: Kaos' Kastle
Chapter 10: Aerial Attack!
Chapter 11: Drill-X's Big Rig
Chapter 12: Molekin Mountain
Chapter 13: The Oracle
Chapter 14: Autogyro Adventure
Chapter 15: Lost City of Arkus
Chapter 16: Bringing Order to Kaos!

Adventure Packs:
Chapter 17: Empire of Ice
Chapter 18: Pirate Seas
Chapter 19: Darklight Crypt
Chapter 20: Dragon's Peak

So it is 6 Chapters smaller than S:SA, but if the levels are bigger it may be alright!

We will have to wait and see. But I wanna go to Chapter 4 most ;)

CU soon!


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  1. How/where did you find the chapter information?