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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Skylanders Giants: Trailers

Hello Portal Masters,

there are some trailers I have not added yet in the Character Segments.

Have a look and enjoy!

Gill Grunt 2:

Chop Chop 2:

Light Core Pop Fizz:

Wrecking Ball 2:

Double Trouble 2:

Pop Fizz:

Light Core Chill:

LightCore Eruptor:

Drill Sergeant 2:

Trigger Happy 2:

Drobot 2:

Light Core Prism Break:

Terrafin 2:

Bash 2:

Prism Break 2:

Ignitor 2:

Eruptor 2:

Flameslinger 2:

Hex 2:

Cynder 2:

LC Shroom Boom

Stealth Elf 2:

Zook 2:

Stump Smash 2:

I will add them to the chars very soon!



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