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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Skylanders Giants: Some Videos

Hi guys,

today, I wanted to share some videos again:

Number 1 is a little bit of gameplay.

Now, a look at (some of) Wave 1:

Ok, I am really ambivalent to the videos of FGTV.

First, I like that he always gets good people on his show and newest things (like the unboxings later).
Also, his point of view as a father on the game is interesting.

But, I also have some problems. His music is a little anoying and the intro is too long.
And, as someone who has spend quiet a lot of time on the game and the information about giants, I sometimes wish, he would ask other questions.
He seemed suprise that Chill has a Narwhale attack, a fact we all know.
So I would have wanted him to ask more specific questions about things...
But as a Channel, he does much more than Skylanders so he is probably less involved.
And I have to say, I am possibly a little jelous he gets all the interviews and goodies...
(maybe I need to start a youtube Channel to get noticed by Activision and Toys for Bob...)
And the video had great infos:
Tree Rex gets a Woodpecker (how cool is that ;))
and each Character gets Chalenges (which I think is a cool new feature).
But I would have loved to know more about the "change of the magic moment"...
And we all don't know, how much he is allowed to ask and reveal...

And some gameplay:

Lastly, I wanna share some unboxing:

Hope you enjoy my small selection!

CU soon!



  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These videos rock!!!!!!!, and I'm not just talking about Crusher.

  2. you really should staRT A YOUTUBE CHANNEL

  3. hey do you have skylanders giants yet im it came out today in uk but im still waiting cause in the us(were i live) its not comming out till the 21st i cant wait thogh