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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Scorpion Striker Battle Pack

Hello Portal Masters,

Today I would like to share the image of the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack.

It includes Hot Dog, Zap and the Scorpion Striker.

Apart from that, not much news. Wave 2 is out, I still haven't seen anything about Wave 3.

Sorry that there is not much new here on the blog, but I just don't really have any news to post.

Is there anything you want to see on here?

Let me know and I will see how to add more life to this blog again ;)

Keep on plaiyng!



  1. How about reviewing Wave 2 (Flashwing, Sprocket, Hot Head) if you have them already?

  2. Charon, don't you have the Wave 2 figures yet? I really love your blog and you really do a great job reviewing each Skylander figure. Please review the Wave 2 figures!