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Monday, 28 January 2013

Skylanders Giants: The waves

Hello Portal Masters,

I wonder if you still know who I am.

I know, I have been a little quiet on the Skylanders front, which has various reasons.

Reason Number one:
I have trouble getting some real good information about waves and stuff.
There are a lot of people on forums and a lot of information, but rarely any official statements.

So far, three waves seem to be released.

I will try to get article together, but it will take a little time.
Which leads me to a second reason.

Reason number two:
I have troubles getting any of the figures, which reduces the fun of doing this blog. I don't wanna complain, but at amazon Germany, the release date for Thumpback and Eye-Brawl and Hot Dog (in the battle pack) is currenty April. That is a little more than two months from now.

Two months while people in the USA are already testing, unboxing and playing.
I am honestly jelous and cannot understand why in a globalized environment as in todays time, activision does not do worldwide release dates. Or maybe a few days in between. But two months? I finished the game and all I can do with the new characters is leveling them up and wait for Skylanders 3.
While other players already played.
I already was not to happy about the sidekicks, there does not seem to be a royal double trouble in Germany and the list goes on.
I mean, I write this block in english, which is not my native language (so frogive me my mistake) to share things with a bigger audience, so not getting the things to share is a real downside.
I was considering youtube-videos to review and show off the characters, but honestly, by the time I get them there are tons you can already watch.

Ok, I think I complained enough for today and I will try to fill this blog with more life.

CU soon!


1 comment:

  1. Don´t give up hope, the time with new information will come. I´ll still read your blog ;-)