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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Skylander Giants: New Earth Skylander

Hello fellow Portal Masters,

Let's just have a short look at the New Earth Skylander previewed in the Giants Trailer:


Ok, he looks like a dragon, but I am not sure... In a way I hope he is not, since Bash is already the Earth Dragon. But he has wings, so he seems really dragon-like...
Poor Bash, if he can fly, it will break his little stone heart...
I also think his colours (blue/purple) seem a little girly... I don't know.

(BTW: The green thing on the wing is Prism Breaks Crystal in case you wondered)

How do you like him? Do you think he will be a good addition to the Earth Skylander Team?

C U next time!


UPDATE: His/her name might be Flashwing.


  1. Can you do a video of Flashwing and it's clear that we can see him/her so I hope you can do this for me and can you tell us some of the moves.

    1. I would love to do that, but there has been nothing released yet.
      So be patient.
      As soon as I find something, I will post it!

  2. have you seen the first trailer of skylanders. in the trailer for the first game there was a unknown white dragon skylander. I wounder if thats the same dragon. this link will show you the white dragon.

  3. i think flashwing looks kinda crazzy looking with that giant horn on his head
    he also looks like he has an under bite

  4. Um, it actually would make sense if the colors were girly because IT IS A GIRL!