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Monday, 18 June 2012

Skylanders Giants: New Water Skylander

Hello Portal Masters,

Since I already shared the info about the new Fire Skylander today, why not look at his counterpart the new Water Skylander!


And lucky us, although there has been no name or other information have been spoiled, we already got a sneak peak at the toy:


I have to say, the artwork totally changed my thoughts on the character. When I saw the toy, I imagined it to be a girly Ice Skater Elf with weapons, no it looks more like a Space Knight!

I'm intesested in seeing him/her (I now think it will be a him) in action!

See you next time!


Portal Master

UPDATE: The name of the Skylander might be "Chill". If this is confirmed I will do a new update.
An based on this new pic, she is a girl.

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