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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Skylanders Giants: Shroomboom

Hello Portal Master,

Let's look at another new Skylander together - Shroomboom..
Ok, the name is kind of weired, so let's see the character behind it (so far, I only found the toy).


I really like small and crazy characters and he seem to be just that.

Now, Shroomboom is the first of the new skylanders that has been seen in "normal" toy form and as the new lightcore character.


I do like both of his versions, they seem funny and the glowing is nice.
But I'm still not sure about light core... why do I want a character two times. I know, they have the enter the game ability but call me crazy, I like using the skylanders to beat the monsters. I don't want a light to do it...
But I have to see.. I know myself so I will probably buy them both anyway..
But I will do another post on this issue (also about the series 2 skylanders).

So let's focus on Shroomboom's powers.

So, he shoots mushrooms. Kind of obvious from his toy, but I still think it is kind of fun.
I mean, of course we had characters doing similar things (Boomer, Flameslinger, Zook...)
But it still seems nice.

The second thing I saw, which seems also to have to do with the the sling shot was this:

He shoot the mushrooms in the air, the come down like parachutes and explode into some (maybe toxi) gas.
I like this, because I don't think we have seen this before. I wonder if the gas does something.

The second (or third) attack, is shooting himself

The look is really cooll, but the effect seems to be the same as Wrecking Balls.

His last ability is a circle of Melons, ah I mean Mushrooms....
 Now, where have we seen that before (apart from that video:

I mean, it reminds me a lot of Camo.

Hm, so I am not sure. Shroomboom, although original in design seems to copy lots of abilities.
I don't think there is a lot we have not seen before.

Let's rate:
Looks: 5/5
Orignality: 1/5 (based on powers more than design)
Powers: 3/5
Variety: 3/5
Overall Rating: 3/5

Oh Shroomboom. Although I want to like this guy a lot, he just seems a little boring.
Soooo sorry! Maybe I will change my mind as soon as you are in my collection!?

We will see!

What do you think? Has he shot his way into your hearts? Let me know!

C U soon



  1. hes dumd
    he has no good powers....
    the power where he lobs a mushroom is just like zook power
    personally id rather has zook cause he can lod the bullet and he can shoot it strait
    plus zook has a walk to shoot over

    1. He is cuter than Zook, that is his power ;)