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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Skylanders Giants: Light Core

Hey fellow Portal Masters,

today just a quick look at Light Core Skylanders.

So far, there have been 3 confirmed one and there should be8 in total.

So far we have seen:


Prism Break


and Shroomboom

They said, there will be 8 Light Core Skylanders all up, 4 new ones and 4 remodeled once.
 I would guess, they'll make one for each element.

Since we have Life, Earth and Fire, the ones missing would be:
Air, Water, Magic, Undead, Tech.

If I had to guess, I would say that neither Jet Vac nor Alchemist have a lot of Light Up potential.
So the new Water, Undead and Tech Skylander should light up.
For the old one, it leaves an Air Elemental and a Magic one.
Just on past creatures, I think Double Trouble and Whirlwind have the best chances to put light in.
But just pure speculation.

Another point is, it is not sure, if the Ligth Up Versions will also be released as Series 2 Skylanders.
In a way, it would be weired to have 3 versions of 1 Skylander. 

And will the Light Cores get an additional Wow Pow Power? Will they be able to switch upgrade paths?
Or is it just the enter the battlefield ability?

I personaly don't like the enter the battlefield thing. I think I mentioned that in Shroombooms article, I want to use their powers, not just kill by entering.
Especially since it does not look that cool in game (don't get me wrong, the light up toys are great, but they should have done it like the Giants and include it on some characters wihtout making it another character line)

So we see Jet Leaving the game and getting exchanged with Prism Break

And when he enters he does the damages
Not that much of a wow effect for me.

What do you think? You will light up or who would you want to ligth up (I would love a light up Hex, Stealth Elf and Ignitor).

See you next time when we will talk about some Series two Skylanders.


1 comment:

  1. hmm
    light core shroom boom looks cool
    but i dont like his attacks so im not going to get him
    plus it sucks that u have to pay extra to get the lights