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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Skylanders Giants: Characters known so far

Hello Portal Masters,

Wow, I feel like there is sooo much going on, I lost my overview, so I thought, I will do a short summary of what we know about Giant Characters. It includes the info released by, so if they did something wrong, it is included in here :)
This will include speculations! So be warned that the information might not be 100% corrrect!
I tried marking them in italic

There will be

8 Giants
8 Light Core Skylanders (4 returning and 4 new)
8 New Skylanders
24 Series 2 Skylanders 

Let's start:


Earth: Crusher
Air: Swarm
Fire: Hot Head
Water: (big whale with anchor)
Undead: -------
Life: Tree Rex
Tech: Bouncer
Magic: -------
There are still 2 Giants we have not seen yet. Water Giant's name is still missing!

Light Core:
Earth: Prism-Break
Air: Jet-Vac
Fire: Eruptor 
Water: ----
Undead: -----
Life: Shroomboom
Tech: Drobot
Magic: ---
There are still 3 Lightcore missing, one should be an old Skylander, 2 should be new. 
I speculate Hex for undead, leaving Chill and Pop Fizz for Light Core.

New Skylanders: 
Earth: Flashwing
Air: Jet-Vac
Fire: [fire dog]
Water: Chill
Undead: Fright Ride
Life: Shroomboom
Tech: Sprocket (no pic yet)
Magic: Pop Fizz
One name and one image still missing!


24 Series 2 Skylanders: 
(I will asume, that the lightcore characters also get a series 2 version!) 

1 Bash
2 Terrafin
3 Prism Break

1 Flameslinger
2 Ignitor
3 Eruptor

1 Hex
2 Chop Chop

3 Cynder 

1 Drobot
2 Trigger Happy
3 Drill Sergeant

1 Whirlwind
2 Sonic Boom 
3 ---- (my guess: Warnado)
1 Gill Grunt
2 Slam Bam

3  --- (my guess:Zap)

1 Zook
2 Stump Smash
3 ---- (my guess: Strealth Elf)
1 Double Trouble
2 --- (my guess: Spyro)
3 --- (my guess: Wrecking Ball)
 So, there are still 5 characters missing. 
I have to say, if this is correct, I am suprised. I would have guessed they would release all adventure pack characters, but there is no space for them left. 

So we can make a little, no reprint list

Earth: Dinorang
Fire: Sunburn
Undead: Ghost Roaster
Tech: Boomer

Air:  --- (my guess: Lightning Rod)
Water: ---  (my guess: Wham-Shell)
Life: --- (my guess: Camo)
Magic: --- (my guess: Voodood)

So, that's it for today!

Man, amazon really made me do lot's of work.
But we are getting closer to figure it all out! 

CU next time (hopefully comic con brings more news!)



  1. Actually it was already announced that ALL the dragons were getting reposed, that would include sunburn and camo.. So no, flameslinger and stealth elf are unfortunately not getting reposed

  2. I based this on the information I found on the german amazon page.
    They have a preorder for Flameslinger for Giants
    But if you have an official source confirming all dragons, please let me know a link!

  3. i think the magic giant should be like a genie
    that would be fun

  4. Boomers my favorite sky lander.
    IM so sad and annoyed that he wasn't getting a repose.
    On that note, I think that all of the original skylanders
    Should be getting reposed as it makes the ones that miss out seem underpowered, weak, and outdated.