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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Skylanders Giants: Intro Packs

Hello Portal Masters,

Man, I just look through my blog and saw, I never posted the content of the intro pack, to I want to do this right now.

As far as i know, there will should be four versions:

1. Starter Pack for PS3/Wii/Xbox 360 and eventually Wii U including

 (PS3/Xbox 360 74,99 €, Wii 69,99 €)

 2. Booster Pack for PS3/Wii/X-box 360 and eventually Wii U including
(PS3/Xbox 360 59,99 €, Wii 54,99 €)

3. Starter Pack for 3DS including
(69,99 €)

4. Booster Pack for 3DS including
(54,99 €)

I don't know, if the toys are gonna be these versions or if there will be differences, but these are the characters included.

I am a little upset, since I never played the 3DS game and I LOVE Pop Fizz, but I will hopefully be able to get them all anyway, so it is alright.

But I really don't like that 2 of 3 characters are the same for the packs (I mean comparing 3DS and home console versions, since the games are different and not many people would buy the game for PS3, Wii and Xbox).
They should have included a different Giant and Series two so that it is worth buying both.
Spyro's Adventure had three different charactes, for the 3DS version so for me, this seems a way to make more money, not considering the players's wishes (who wants another 2 Cynders, especially since series 2 can change their upgrades).

I also think, if the pricing stays like this, who buys the booster pack?
I mean you get two more characters and a new portal for just 15 more Euros?
That seems sooo wrong. (console version)
And again, the same Giant for 3DS and console? So NO new character if you bus both boosters?
That does not seem fan friendly to be honest. And you can't even sell him cause everyone who wants to use him needs the game and therefore has him. What is Activision thinking?

Do like the choices for intro packs?

Let me know in the comments!