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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Skylanders: Sidekicks

Hello Portal Masters,

The Skylanders Sidekicks are coming out soon

I will not talk a lot about them, because they do not serve any purpose in the games and seem to be hard to get (especially outside the US).
So I will just post some pics.
Please do not ask me how to get them. It has something to do with Frito Lay Chips. 

There are 4 Sidekicks. 

Trigger Snappy

Whisper Elf


Gill Runt

In some youtube videos you can already see them.

I hate that they only did 4 elements and I don't like the fact that I cannot get them.

So, there will be no further coverage on this matter for now ;)

CU next time



  1. charon, could i ask, what is your name on darkspyro?