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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Skylanders: Sourcers for Information

Hello fellow Portal Masters,

I wanted to take the time to present the sources of my information.

Because although I always missed a Skylanders Blog that has all the news and started my own, you can still find tons of information on the internet.

So here are my top Skylander Sites.

1. Dark Syro (
By far, the forum here is the best ressource. But of course, you can never be sure about the things posted.
But still they post lots of stuff and the people in the forums are nice... most of the time.

2. Family Gamers TV and Geek Dad

They do visit the exhibitions and post great videos. They are slower than the forums on Dark Spyro, but the quality of the videos is really good, although in interviews I would sometimes like a little more original and specified questions, but I guess since most of the answers will just be "can't tell" they try to get the best results.
Also, the information are sometimes wrong, but that is because Activision seems to change a lot of things all the time (Booster Pack just having one Giant and no other figures...)

3. Coin-Op TV (
Nice Character analyzes, nice video updates. The information on existing figures and Skylanders Spyros Adventure are better than the ones about Giants.

4. Cheeseworks Planet (
If you need a walk through the game they might help.

5.Skylanders official Site, youtube Chanel and Facebook site

Official information, not the quickest, but reliable.

So, this is it for me.

Let me know in the comments where you look for infos!

CU soon!


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