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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


"Come 'Rang or Shine!"
For years, Dino-Rang trained to use the weapons of his tribe – earthen boomerangs. His people were skilled hunters in a world far away from the realm of Skylands. As he slept one night, a freak portal suddenly opened beneath him. Unsure of how or why he arrived in Skylands, Dino-Rang set out to explore the world that was suddenly his new home. Eventually becoming a Skylander, he now fights with his own brand of dino-justice, while seeking out the fabled Twin Diamond Boomerangs, which he believes could hold the clues and unlock the key to his origins and greater destiny.

Core Abilities
Soul Gem

Stone Boomerangs
Boomerang Shield
Sticky Boomerangs


Throw boomerangs at your enemies.
Throw both boomerangs around you in a circle for a close-ranged attack.
Boomerangs pick up treasure, food, powerups.

Initial Upgrades

Basalt Boomerangs
Boomerang Finesse
Stonefist Traps
Dervish Shield


Boomerangs do increased damage.
hold (1) to control boomerangs in the air.
Press (3) to summon two Stonefist Traps from beneath the earth.
Boomerang Shield does extra damage and blocks enemies' shots.

Grand Boomerang Master

Further develop your Boomerang attacks.
Volcanic Glass Boomerangs
Dancing Boomerangs
It's all in the wrist


Boomerangs do even MORE increased damage.
Boomerangs bounce off of walls and enemies.
Boomerang Shield lasts longer and does extra damage.

Earthen Avenger

Further develop your defensive traps and abilities.
Quad Stonefist Trap
Obsidian Armor
Fist Trap Funeral


Summon 4 Stonefist Traps at once.
Improved armor makes it harder for enemies to hit you.
Enemies defeated by Boomerangs spawn Stonefist Traps.

PS3: (1) = X, (2) = square, 3 = (O)
X-Box: (1) = A, (2) = X, (3) = B
Wii: (1) = A, (2) = B, (3) = Z

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