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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Skylanders Giants: Poster

Hello Portal Masters,

Today another picture of all the Skylanders.
I think, my list of all the Skylanders can now be confirmed!
Everyone I mentioned (or did not) is on there.
So here you go!

Ok, Ninjini is still hard to see. But Eye-Brawl ist good to see... Weired guy.
And Sprocket and Flashwing are also blurry..

But it is the best we got so far so let's be happy ;)

Good Night



  1. i love the look of eyebrawl
    im not going to buy him
    but sprocket looks like a sky guy im going to buy
    stump smashs new look is awsome
    and flash wing is alos on my going to buy list
    hot dogs name can be comfiremed
    but his toy lokks....
    well i cant really tell:)
    jet jacts light core looks okay
    but not as good as the normal one
    the same can be said about most lght coreskyguys
    sept chill
    and prism break
    the whale giant looks carzzy from the side
    like hes got a snkae jaw or some thing....
    over all im happy with these pics
    oh and i belive all the skyguys from the 1st game look awsome!!!!!

    1. i love them all i think there so cool