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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Skylanders Giants: All Characters

Hello Portal Masters,

I wanted to update my article with the thing we got from the last blurry picture, keeping these information in italic so that you see, what is not official yet.
But since Chill has been confirmed, I think the names from amazon can be regarded as right.
And I will call the Fire regular "Hot Dog", although this is just a name I read somewhere and liked a lot.

Now let's get togehter all we now:

8 Giants
8 Light Core Skylanders (4 returning and 4 new)
8 New Skylanders
24 Series 2 Skylanders 

Let's start:

Earth: Crusher
Air: Swarm
Fire: Hot Head
Water: (big whale with anchor)
Undead: (still no pic, but a few blurry images)
Life: Tree Rex
Tech: Bouncer
Magic: (still no pic, but a few blurry images)
There are still 2 Giants we have not seen yet. Water Giant's name is still missing!

Light Core:
Earth: Prism-Break
Air: Jet-Vac
Fire: Eruptor 
Water: Chill
Undead: Hex
Life: Shroomboom
Tech: Drobot
Magic: Pop Fizz

New Skylanders: 
Earth: Flashwing
Air: Jet-Vac
Fire: Hot Dog
Water: Chill
Undead: Fright Rider
Life: Shroomboom
Tech: Sprocket (no good pic yet)
Magic: Pop Fizz
One name (Hot Dogs name) and one image still missing!

24 Series 2 Skylanders: 

1 Bash
2 Terrafin
3 Prism Break

1 Flameslinger
2 Ignitor
3 Eruptor

1 Hex
2 Chop Chop

3 Cynder 

1 Drobot
2 Trigger Happy
3 Drill Sergeant

1 Whirlwind
2 Sonic Boom 
3 Lightning Rod
1 Gill Grunt
2 Slam Bam
3 Zap 

1 Zook
2 Stump Smash
3 Stealth Elf
1 Double Trouble
2 Spyro
3 Wrecking Ball

No reprint list
Earth: Dinorang
Fire: Sunburn
Undead: Ghost Roaster
Tech: Boomer
Air:  Warnado
Water: Wham Shell  
Life: Camo 
Magic: Voodood
 Compared to my first list, only one thing changes. Lightning Rod gets a new version while Warnado doesn't. 

C U soon!



  1. i wounder what thier "wow pows" are going to be
    do you know if the new skylanders like popfizz and jetvac are going to get "wow pows"?

    1. Sorry, I don't.
      I would be a happy person if I did.
      But since they advertised it for the Series 2 figures, I doubt it.