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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Skylanders Giants: General Stuff

Hello Portal Masters,

I listened to the following Podcast, whích gives some more information about the new Skylanders Game.
(  Podcast 10)

They had an interview with one of the guys from Toys for Bob which leads to some new reveals:

1) NO new adventure packs: Ok, I have to say, I am a little sad, because the value of "just" a new battle pack seems lower than the new level, on the other hand, people who don't want to buy or cannot afford all the packs still get the "complete" game, so I will see that as a positive aspect.

2) Hot Head is Hot Head. Basially that just means that another of the amazon leak names is confirmed (Chill was the first one). This means, it is safe to assume that Flashwing, Sprocket and Fright Rider are also confirmed.

3) There will be a new in game called "Skylanders Stones" (if I got that correctly). I like in-game games, although the Skylanders Memory in one of the bonus levels was a little lame but we will see, maybe it will be cool (and extra content is never bad).

4) The Ghost World Mechanic will return! I liked that level A LOT (only wished the chef would not have explained it for ages. So I think that is a cool thing!

5) Hats will be buyable! That is a nice new idea, although I will spend my money on upgrading first and will see how much is left for the hats shop. 

[ 6) There will be more Sidekicks. Will probably not get the first ones, so that is unhappy news for me (or I have to buy them at ebay.... as if the collecting is not expensive enough]

I think that was the things I got from the podcast. If I missed anything major let me know in the comments!

CU next time!