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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Skylander Giants: Finally!

Hello Portal Master,

We finally see good pictures of all the Skylanders!


I really like what we see here.

Sprocket looks interesting, Ninjini just like my prediction, so all in all very cool.

I will update more things shortly!



  1. Patrick & Oliver30 August 2012 at 06:29

    Hi Charon,

    My son and I have been reaching your blog religiously and have been anxiously waiting the new game for awhile now. Thank you for all the info you've been given us.

    We would like to chime in on the new figurines:

    Thumpback: Not bad after all but lacks a little attitude

    Chill: looks really good, and instant favorite with my daughter Sara

    Bouncer: really disappointing.

    Sprocket: Looks like a cross between a lego or a Simpson character

    Bouncer: Our favorite Giant

    Flashwing: really cool looking. Too bad he's not a LC figurine

    Ninjini: Original. A ninja genie is an awesome idea

    Pop Fizz: Love the idea of different potions gives him different powers

    Hot Head: a giant Eruptor, not really original

    Hot Dog: Looks cool in game. Instant favorite

    Eye Brawl: A close second behind Crusher as Giant. Love the giant eye idea

    Fright Rider: Aside from the name, I really love the design. The undead category has impressed me in design for Series 2

    Tree Rex: ok overall, we already have a tree character though.

    Shroomboom: reminds me of a pokemon, but cute and funny design nonetheless

    Swarm: a giant bee thats in the water element? ok I guess

    Jet Vac: really cool with the water gun.

    We would love to read your thoughts on each individual character of Series 2 :)

    Keep up the good work

    1. swarm and jet jac are air
      and u said u dont like bouncer and love bouncer
      but im questing u ment to say crusher as the one u love

    2. Patrick & Oliver30 August 2012 at 08:13

      Yes my bad I meant Crusher that we love. Bouncer is a good idea for a giant but just think that they got it wrong when it came to the design of the toy. They could have a made a cooler two legged robot design instead of a bouncing robot.

      I got confused with Air and water, a bee makes more sense when it comes to air element than water :) Still, I am not that impressed with Swarm's design.

    3. Thank you so much!
      And I will upload a blog post with my opinion soon.

  2. thank u somuch for doing this blog!
    i go o it all the time to see whats new with the giants
    and speak of the giants
    i love all of them exsept hothaed and eyebrawl
    and for the new series 2 guys
    most of them are cool
    but some like terra fin look the same
    as for new skyguys
    i love chill popfizz jetvac shroomboom and fright rider
    now i know whatur think "what the heck this dudes cazzy
    leaving out hot dog as one of this favs" but im saying hes not that cool
    just look at him
    he go bumps all over his head the look similar to shroombooms
    and his figures not the best lookng one out there
    and his attacks aren cool to me
    all light core look good
    i just hope the figs i wnt are able to preorder before the game comes out
    cause i dont want to fight some 7 year old over the last popfizz on the self
    i would be very thank full if u did a post when single packs
    aswell as triple packs are able to preorder!

  3. who do u think i sould get as my fire skylanders to star off
    remodled ignitor or remodled flameslinger?

    1. That depends on how you like to play.
      I like small and quick Skylanders like Stealth Elf, and I like Shooting like Hex' orbs. That makes me prefer Flameslinger.
      But his Circle when running is not the easiest to trigger, which is a little downside, and his third attack is just shooting in the air.
      Ignitor on the other hand seems a little more original, since he can leave his armor in his flame form and perform attacks with his sword, but is slower than Flameslinger.
      So it really depends on what you like, but I would probably go with Flameslinger, just because I really like him.

  4. There will be a Gold Flameslinger!

  5. Hotdog, Eyebrawl, Thumpback, Crusher and some others look awesome. Bash, Sonic boom and Drobot have always been favourites (they were my 1st 3 as well as 3DS starter pack) Whirlwind looks cool(Rainbow whirlwind thingy for wow-pow?) and Terrafin looks cool aswell