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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Skylanders Giants: Soul Gems

Hello Portal Masters,

I love new pictures of Skylanders.

Today it is two Soul Gems that could be seen in the Kaos Castle Video and the Shroomboom trailer.

This Soulgem was in Shroomboom Video and I am pretty sure it show Flashwing.
The pale Skin (maybe diamonds?) are just so Flashwing.
He/She looks bird like, or a dragon? I really don't know.

The second soul gem. Hm...
Ok, it does look like a blue skinned elf with red hair. Which remind me of Fright Rider.

But there is something odd.
If I focue on the ear of the Soul Gem's elf, there is some red "hair" right next to it. Fright Riders Helm is red in the middle, but black next to the ear. Also, the red part seems to be going on underneath the hair, making it look quite long and red. And lastly his uniform is black and so very different.
This leads to one conlusion:

This is another Skylander. But who?
Well, of course I have a theory.
I tried to put it all together.
 Meet Ninjini!!
Ok, I know, not perfect and probably not even close to what she looks like (maybe it is not even her Soul Gem), but I will just say: it is Ninjin ;)

(ok, I have to say, I removed my picture I made, because searching Ninjini on google, it was the first hit and I don't want people to find my theory first, so I remove it and put the now revealed pictures in  :))

What do you think?
Are these Ninjini's and Flashwing's Soul Gems or somebody elses?

Let me know in the comments!



  1. the second soul gem is Ninjini's

  2. The first one is correct it is flashwing

  3. im anonymous and second is ninjini

  4. Do all of the soul gems please