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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Skylanders Giants: Catchphrases

Hello Portal Masters,

I realized that in the past, I never really posted the catchphrases of the Skylanders.

I will try to improve that in the future (I want to get a bit more structure into the blog).

But for now, I will just post the ones we know so far (only new regular Skylanders and Giant):

Magic:"Motion of the Potion!" (Pop Fizz)
Tech: to be revealed
Undead: to be revealed
Life: to be revealed
Fire: to be revealed
Water: "Ice to mett you!" (Chill)

Earth: to be revealed
Wind: "Hawk and Awe!" (Jet-Vac)

Magic: to be revealed
Tech: "Deal with the Wheel!" (Bouncer)
Undead: to be revealed
Life: "Be Afraid of the Bark!" (Tree Rex)

Fire: to be revealed
Water: to be revealed
Earth:"It's Crush Hour!" (Crusher)
Wind: "Bring the Sting!" (Swarm)

CU next time!



  1. charon, could i ask, what is your name on darkspyro?

  2. Double Trouble: Boom-Shakalaka! Cynder:Bolts and Lightning! Stump Smash: Drop the hammer! Trigger Happy: No Gold No Glory! Lightning Rod : One strike and your out! And i have more.

  3. Tree Rex :Be afaid of the bark! Crusher :It's crush hour! Bouncer : Deal with the wheel!

  4. Stealth elf:Silent but deadly! (Fav) I will have more soon. This Is Trace and Goodbye!

  5. Sorry about posting the giants you said.

  6. Cynder is "VOLTS and lightning". not "bolts." Spyro is "All Fired Up." Whirlwind is "Twists of Fury." Eye-Brawl is "I've got my Eye on You." Sonic Boom is "Full Scream Ahead" Sunburn is "Roast and Toast" Zap is "Ride the Lightning" Flameslinger is "Let the Flames Begin" Camo is "Fruit Punch" Bash is "Rock and Roll" Wrecking ball is "Wreck n Roll" Ninjini is "Any last wishes?" Trigger Happy is "No Gold no Glory" Shroomboom is "He shoots, He Spores" Stump Smash is "Drop the Hammer" Chill is "Stay Cool" Hex is "Fear the Dark" Sprocket is "The Fix is in" Warnado is "For the Wind" Flashwing is "Blinded by the Light" Eruptor is "Born to Burn"

  7. fuck all of you skylander can suck my balls except spyro and zap

  8. they do not suc