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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Gill Grunt

"Fear the Fish!"
Gill Grunt was a brave soul who joined the Gillmen military in search of adventure. While journeying through a misty lagoon in the clouds, he met an enchanting mermaid. He vowed to return to her after his tour. Keeping his promise, he came back to the lagoon years later, only to learn a nasty band of pirated had kidnapped the mermaid. Heartbroken, Gill Grunt began searching all over Skylands. Though he had yet to find her, he joined the Skylanders to help protect others from such evil, while still keeping an ever-watchful eye for the beautiful mermaid and the pirates who took her.

 Series 2:

Core Abilities
Soul Gem
Wow Pow
Harpoon Gun
Power Hose
Anchor Cannon
Anchor's Away!

Shoot high-velocity harpoons at your enemies.
Press and hold (2) to spray water at your enemies to knock them back.
hold (1) to charge Anchor Cannon attack. Release (1) to fire.
hold (1) and release to fire three giant anchors.

Initial Upgrades

Barbed Harpoons
High Pressure Power Hose
Harpoon Repeater
Water Jetpack


Harpoons do increased damage.
Power Hose attack does extra damage and knocks enemies back further.
Harpoons reload faster.
Press (3) to fly until water jet pack runs out.


Further develop your Harpoon attack.
Quadent Harpoons
Piercing Harpoons
Tripleshot Harpoon


Harpoons do even MORE increased damage.
Harpoons travel straight through enemies and hit new targets.
Shoot 3 Harpoons at once.

Water Weaver

Further develop your Power Hose and Jetpack skills.
Reserve Water Tank
Boiling Water Hose
Neptune Gun


The Power Hose and Water Jet Pack never run out of water.
Power Hose attack does even MORE increased damage.
When using the Power Hose, press (1) to launch exploding creatures.

PS3: (1) = X, (2) = square, 3 = (O)
X-Box: (1) = A, (2) = X, (3) = B
Wii: (1) = A, (2) = B, (3) = Z


 Water Skylanders

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