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Monday, 20 August 2012

Skylanders Giants: News

Hello Portal Masters,

just a short update:

- No Online Play, Still 2 player Local co-op
- No New Adventure Packs, but the 4 Adventure packs from Spyro's Adventure will unlock new levels in Giants
- A Hat Shop is now available. 
- The Game is about 16-19 Chapters (levels)
- There will be four new Battle Packs. 
- Battle packs will contain One new skylander one series 2 Reposed figure and one Battle Item





  1. im hoping lihting rodes not in one...
    and i do not want popfizz in a bttle pack aswell
    but i do want to see hotdog and zap in a pack
    what skylanders do u hope are in a battle pack toghter

    1. the reason i dont what lighting rod and popfizz in a battle pack is cause i wanted to get thier single packs

  2. So there will be only 16-19 levels. They better be long and time consuming or else I want my preorder back. Nah, I'll still get it and put it on hard.