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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Skylander Giants: Gold Flameslinger

Hello Portal Masters,

today a first look at a variation of a series two Skylander.

Flameslinger is getting a golden model.

It is nice to get a good look at the packaging and the new Flameslinger.

I like his remodel, although, compared to Flameslinger no. 1 there is not that much of a difference.
And I think it is weired that he gets a gold version again..

But ok, I don't buy gold, blue, red or whatever monocoloured Skylanders anyway, since I don't like their look.

But some of you might be interested ;)

CU next time!



  1. how did u find out about this figure
    and the new flame slinger looks awsome

    1. Well, I just try to stay informed...
      The internet usually helps :)

  2. You have to get lucky and find him on Amazon. The only way she shows up in the search is if you have a Kindle.

    Or if you are lucky enough to be on a website and they post the link!