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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Skylanders Giants: Gamescom Vids

Hello Portal Masters,

A heat wave hit Germany! I mean, over 30°Cs is really hot for Germany so I decided not to go to the Gamescom this year (it is always overly crowded and with the heat... sorry but no thx).

So although I would have loved to see some more Skylanders stuff, I passed on this one (sorry!).

ANYWAY, there were people going, posting some awesome videos over the internet and I would like to share some.

Number one shows a battle and I love it for two reasons. Reason Number 1, it is a nice view at the battle arena and reason number 2 Swarm can transform into lots of small insects, which made him soooo much cooler than before (I really thought he was kind of borring, but now, BRING THE STING ;))

The second video gives a nice look at a new element of  Skylanders Giants.
It looks like on your Battle Ship, apart from Kaly and Persephone, there will be a new character Brock, who will give you the option to try some battles. Looks like some good fun.
The kid tells nothing important so if you don't understand Germany you are not missing out much (having said that, it is an awesome video, so give the small guy a thumps up)

The last video I found is one that shows a bit of everything, so we get a first look at Skystones, without really  seeing how it works.

If any of you found interesting videos please post them in the comments!

CU guys soon!



  1. Thank you so much for posting these video's :)
    OH MY WORD. i thought Swarm was so Booooring in the trailer, BUT now he is soooo cool, did you see in the 1st video he launches these HUGE stingers at Tree-Rex !!! Its so cool :) And when he transforms into little insects, awesome :) I saw this awesome pop fizz trailer that showed Pop Fizz in his BEAST FORM but red and blowing out flames, mabye its Punch Fizz OR he drinked his fire potion he has???

    1. When he launches these HUGE stingers at Tree-Rex I think he just got a rocket item from the arena, so I do not think this is in his skill set. But I am happy with transforming into a swarm compared to what he did before :)

  2. need less to say im getting swarm now
    and can u post a coment when single figs are avalible for presale
    i would be very thankfull