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Monday, 6 August 2012

Skylanders Giants: Battle Pack

Hello Portal Masters,

I was on holiday for week-end, so this news is a little late, but still:
Today I can show you a picture of the Skylanders Giants Battle Packs.

I already wrote a small bit about them, but now we get a first visual.


So, we get a good look at remodeled Chop Chop and Shroomboom (not the lightcore version) as well as the Golden Dragonfire Cannon, unlocking a special battle arena.

I am suprised that rumours are currently that this is a gamestop exclusive since it was one of the things posted on the amazon leaks. Although, the amazon leak just said "cannon piece" so maybe they get a non-golden version? Or, it will be gamesstop exclusive in the US and not in Europe.

Again, only time will tell...

CU next time!



  1. The "rumour" of the pack being a Gamestop exclusive comes from Gamestop's site iteself ( Though it may not be the same for other countries. I remember the pre-order exclusive multiplayer arena for Skylanders 1 didn't turn up elsewhere.

    Also, it's called the "Golden Dragonfire Cannon", not the "Golden Canonfire Cannon".

    Anyhoo, this site is awesome, so keep at it. :)

    1. I cannot find anything about it on the German Gamestop site.
      So I am not sure yet.
      And a battle pack was part of the amazon leaks. So, we will have to wait for it.

      Thank you for the positive feedback.
      I try my best and although I know, there is LOTS OF SPACE for improvement, but I try my best.

      And if anyone has suggestions for improvements: Let me know!

  2. is there anyway to get this pack with out chop chop?

    1. i dont think so
      if ur looking for shroomboom the only way i know of that u can get sroomboom by himself is the light core one
      all of this information is based on what i have learned about this game..