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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Skylanders Giants: Chill

Hello Portal Masters,

I just wanted to share this link with you.

It shows Chill in action.

I will get into more details, but now I am tired so I just leave the link.


Good Night



  1. dude..
    whats up with chill
    i wanted he to have a close up attack
    but instead she was given a nice looking set of ranged attacks
    now im not saying im all for these new attacks
    but the do look strong
    first of the sword through
    its an attack that looks like its starts with u only being able to trough one but over time u are able to trough more
    now the second attack is the ice "wave"
    i like the fact that she can push these ice blocks with her shield but i dont like the fact that she can freeze enemies with this ice move
    and the final most crazzy attack iv ever seen
    the summoning of a narwhal that will jet forward and attack enemies
    this attack is bot fun and crazzy
    i like it and it looks strong
    over all im not to sure im going to get chill now just cause of these strange attacks and the fact that she looks super young like 4-7
    ps sorry its so long of a post just had to get out my thoughts

    1. in the second line thier is a miss type
      he was going to be her

    2. This blog should be all about the thoughts about Skylanders, so I am happy for your comment and don't think it is too long.

      I love Chills attacks, since they make her unique.
      And in a way, all the Skylanders look "young" so I don't really mind ;)

    3. i like her attacks but im not into the look of the blue lipstick....